Statement of Purpose

The purpose of these pages will be to post opposing views on a variety of political and economic issues, and to encourage their resolution through constructive debate.
                  Keith Roberts and Mark Bachmann have had many years of business experience between them. Keith is an attorney, business-owner, recently-published author and a liberal Democrat. Mark is a retired financial analyst and executive, author of an unpublished book on American business culture, and a moderately-conservative Republican.  Related by marriage, we’ve been friends for many years and have argued continuously over just about everything under the sun. We enjoy the process and have always found that it leads to more informed positions and a framework for better ideas.
                  Both of us are disappointed in the tone of much of the current political and economic debate in America. Arrogance, ad hominem attacks, and the trivialization of complex issues are more common than a search for practical solutions. At the same time, we both know enough history to understand fully that there’s nothing new in this state of affairs. Nevertheless, legitimate and useful common grounds can be found when people with different views and understandings  listen to each other and synthesize new ideas from their pragmatic contributions..
                  We believe this spirit still to be the driving force in American democracy.  It's our objective with these pages to do our part towards keeping it active in the current environment.
                  We urge readers to reply to our posts. While we'll strike unfocused diatribes or personal attacks, we encourage aggressive counterviews. 

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