Post From Our Guest Commentator Tanya Azarchs

This political transition has not followed the usual pattern of transitions of power between one party to another.  It has been quite literally a revolution, if we define a revolution as a discontinuity in a nation's policies due to a change in power structure.  It threatens to sweep away 70 years of the most important treaties; it tramples on the conventions of diplomatic negotiations that have held at least the developed world together in peace; it feels justified in abrogating promises to other countries made by the lawful government of the US.  

As in any revolution, sides are taken, the opponents facing off against each other with all of the ferver of a fight to the death.  The weapons in this melee, however, will be control of the truth, with each side tilting at a version of the truth that they see but the other side does not.  Is that a windmill I see before me?  This way lies madness.  Worse, it could bring about the disintegration of the fine mesh of understanding that holds together a complex world.

    Tanya Azarchs

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  1. I for the most part concur with this troubling vision, except that i believe Trump's election is more a symptom than a cause of the disintegration underway. Furthermore, the problem is global, with slow-motion breakdown of Europe reflecting the same underlying phenomenon.

    It's going to take more time and energy than I have right now to explain what I mean by this but more to come later.