Letter to Thomas Friedman re lack of moral authority and trust

Mr. Friedman, if the lack of moral authority in our leaders is the core problem, what about President Obama? We have plenty of fine people vying to serve in leadership positions, but the smears against Nancy Pelosi that apparently kept the Georgia seat Republican indicate that good character is not enough. I think the problem arises more from a lack of mutual discussion for which the press, including the NYT, shares some of the blame. Although a staunch opponent of many Republican positions, I do want to understand their thinking. Are they really all, without exception, venal people without a moral core who do whatever is most expedient and profitable for themselves? Or do principles, facts, and logical reasoning underlie the positions they take, however cruel, unjust, and destructive those may seem to me? I search the Times and other liberal publications in vain for articles that take their serious thinking (not their discredited nonsense) seriously. You, Mr. Friedman, are in a great position to begin explaining their reasoning, and critiquing it appropriately and respectfully, and if you do it may lead us all to a more civil and productive discussion than the name-calling, disinformation, and character assassination that now prevails.

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