Morning Joe Diminuendo

  • During its first years on MSNBC, Morning Joe was a refreshing and interesting show. Joe was a reasonably fair-minded conservative, there were many interesting guests, and MSNBC’s policy of all ads all the time had not yet come into effect.

  • In the last few years, however, this show has become increasingly obnoxious. Joe’s views have hardened into Fox News wannabe land, and with it his incredible egotism and insistence on interrupting everyone has grown to intolerable proportions. His sidekick Mika plays the role of pathetic liberal (game but outgunned and outwitted) that Fox is so fond of, and most of the guests are simply repeaters who better toe Joe’s line or never appear again. When politicians come on, they are almost always Republicans spouting their dogma, and these are about the only guests that Joe does not always repeatedly interrupt with long and often irrelevant rants of his own. The constant advertising interruptions no longer seem so much irritations as relief.

  • This is now a worthless and actually meretricious show.

1 comment:

  1. Keith, I have to say I didn't realize anybody was still watching MSNBC. But that point aside, Democrats and Republicans continue to bring out the worst in one another in this environment. On the Republican side, the problem is now being aggravated by the second-term syndrome in which the opposition president loses allies and becomes game for infantile attacks and irresponsible scandal-mongering. I trust you can think back to Bush's second term and remember the childish nature of the treatment he received in the media, even when cool logic would have weakened him sufficiently. In Bush's case, his problem was made worse by his dyslexia and his proclivity for looking dopey. Obama aggravates his vulnerability by his aloofness and apparent distaste for honest engagement.

    Our pundits, like many of our politicians, are bullies who feel empowered when they smell blood in the water. I've never watched your "Morning Joe" guy, and even though I would probably agree with much of what he has to say, I imagine I would find him distasteful and try to look elsewhere for news and commentary.