Re Friedman's April 29. 2015 column: Obama Right, Critics Wrong [about trade bills]

A reading of the most popular online comments responding to this column makes it clear that even to the liberals who provide those comments the government has lost its legitimacy. Not in the Limbaugh/Fox News sense, but rather because the commentators almost uniformly believe that any trade bill will favor special interests over voters. Some concede that President Obama means well and in theory the trade bills are a good idea. But the dominance of big money in politics has made everyone cynical. 

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  1. Reading Barney Frank's autobiography, he makes the point that those liberals who decry the influence of big money on democracy, while factually correct, are also adding to that influence. Their message, he notes, is that it's not worth getting involved in politics, even to vote, when big money is so dominant. That's music to the Koch Brothers' ears.